Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Classification of Computer :ACCORDING TO USE

Computers are also categorized according to use in three sub-categories.

a) Analog

  • Analog computers measure physical quantities (e.g. Voltage, Pressure, Temperature, Speed etc.) and convert them to numeric values.
  • These computers recognize data as a continuous measurement of a physical property. Their output is usually in the form of readings on dials or graphs.
  • These computers are capable of solving differential equations.
  • Analog Computers are used mainly for scientific and engineering purposes because they deal with quantities that vary constantly.
  • These computers are mostly used in medical science.
  • They give only approximate results.

b) Digital

  • These computers are high speed programmable electronic devices that are capable of performing mathematical calculations, comparing values and storing the results.
  • They are capable of recognizing data by counting discrete signals representing either a high ("On") or a low ("Off") voltage state of electricity.
  • An array of 1s and 0s represent all the Special Symbols, Alphabets and Numbers.
  • These computers are further sub-categorized into two:

a) General purpose digital computers

  • Those Digital computers that are theoretically be used for any kind of application are called the General Purpose Digital Computers. Example can be cited as those computers used for payroll, graphs, analysis, accounting etc.

b) Special purpose digital computers

  • These are those computers which are made and used for a specific task. These computers can be fixed permanently into the machine. For e.g processors that are installed in automobiles to control fuel braking systems etc.

c) Hybrid

  • The best features of analog and digital machines are combined together to create hybrid computing system.
  • They have the speed of analog computers and the accuracy of digital computers.
  • They are usually used for special problems in which input data derived from measurements is converted into digits and processed by computer.
  • E.g. of these types of Computer are: - Computer used in Hospital, Computer used in Jet-plane etc


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